Working Experience of Gregory Aziz in Depth

Born in 1949 on April 30, Gregory James Aziz is an entrepreneur who had much knowledge about business while young. The experience was compounded by his life to help his parents in running their family business which involved food. During this growth time, Gregory J Aziz managed to help their family company grow big and reputable. At one time of the year, this company was voted the leading importer of fresh food. With it source and consumers in U.S and Canada, this business grew and did well. Through it, Gregory Aziz gained his life experience which later assisted him when he started working for the National Steel cars.

Before joining the National Steel cars, started by investing in the banking sector. The investment gave him a lot of money. With his economics skills which he acquired from the University of Western Ontario, Gregory James Aziz opted to buy the National Steel car which was then owned by Dofasco. He bought the National Steel car with the aim of making it the best car producing company in North America and beyond. His big dream did not die. Since then, he had managed to take National Steel car far compared to where it was before he took it.

Gregory J Aziz bought the National Steel car in 1994, and his dream came to pass. At the end of that, he had started making bigger decisions that will help the company. He analyzed the available resources, noted their potentials and drawbacks. Aziz pointed out that most resources were unutilized and he had few workers. James Aziz started by making sure that all resources are utilized, and he employed more workers to back up his team. The new workforce increased the rate of production to 12,000 cars. To use the Engineering abilities of National Steel Car, Greg Aziz decided to hire more than 2,500 workers in one year. That is why National Steel car is the leading in car manufacture and production.


The influence of James Aziz on National Steel car is visible in all corners of the world. Through his effort, he has made the company the best in motor production. At the moment, the company is enjoying over 100 years of high-quality car manufacturing in the automotive industry. With aim satisfying customers, National Steel car is the best in production and selling of personalized vehicles. All that good work is done under the care of Gregory as the CEO. See This Page for more information.