Why Rocketship Education Means So Much To Its Students

Parent interaction is key to student success, especially throughout early childhood. While enrolling children in expensive, private schools with consistently high grades of education, parents’ proverbial hand-holding isn’t as necessary – their collective grip doesn’t have to be as tight, in terms of education.

However, many public schools, namely those in disadvantaged, low-income areas, typically aren’t of the same caliber of their private counterparts, setting their students up for lifelong disadvantage that isn’t, at all, their fault.

Charter Schools Are Largely Better Than Strictly Public Schools

Public and private schools alike must stick to the guidelines their local boards of education lay out for them. It makes sense that such overarching rules apply most closely to schools with higher enrollments or more money involved.

This, unfortunately, often leaves the underachieving public schools hanging out to dry on worn-out clotheslines, despite their environments being subject to near-perpetual environmental rain.

Charter schools, public ones like Rocketship Education, are known for smaller faculty-to-student ratios, setting students up for general success. Students’ names are actually remembered, rather than in overcrowded schools, which are almost always public ones.

Rocketship Education’s faculty remembered the names of Dulce Gonzalez’s family, especially child and Rocketeer Cesar.

When their home flooded in February, 2017, faculty was there to help provide necessities for staying afloat, including part of a $60,000 communion raised in part by Rocketship Education and nearby Catholic charities.

The Basics Of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is a pioneer in personalized learning, or lessons designed one-by-one for students through the help of technological devices like tablets and laptops. Its 2006 co-foundation by technology whiz John Danner, combined with the early childhood educational experience of current President Preston Smith, facilitated an environment in which such a system flourished.

Rocketship Education is a system of public charter schools with 3,500-odd students spread across 17 locations, as far North as Wisconsin, as West as California’s San Francisco Bay Area, and as East as Washington, D.C., with three schools right in the middle, in Nashville, Tennessee. The school system’s locations are nestled in areas facing substantial economic disadvantage, as part of co-founder Preston Smith’s dream to bring good schooling to troubled areas.