Why Gregory Aziz Asks for Greatness From His Team at National Steel Car

National Steel Car has been a notable name in the success of Canadian business since the early 1900s. The company has a notable history, being one to always lead the industry of railroad freight cars in manufacturing and engineering ingenuity. National Steel Car was founded in 1912 by a group of very notable leaders and has seen great success in over 100 years of its production of railroad stock cars. National Steel Car is known as being one of the top three rolling stock options for over 100 years, an incredible feat for a company. In fact, during the Great Depression, National Steel Car continued to go strong. During World War 1 and 2 National Steel Car succeeded by manufacturing well needed equipment like cars, vans and busses to help America succeed.


1In 1994 there was a successful purchase of National Steel Car from its former owner — Dofasco. This purchase was overseen and conducted by Gregory James Aziz. By buying back National Steel Car it once again became a leader in Canadian manufacturing. Soon after, Greg Aziz began his career with National Steel Car and eventually became the company’s Chief Executive Officer. By having someone like Gregory J. Aziz at the helm, National Steel Car once again became a leader in manufacturing of railroad cars in Canada and expanded its reach to become the top provider throughout all of North America.


Freight car manufacturing has weathered the ebb and flow of the industry. Under the leadership of Greg Aziz National Steel Car has ensured it has always been on the top of the industry. In fact, they are known industry wide as a company that consistently utilizes the latest technology in manufacturing and in engineering. Refer to This Page.


Gregory J. Aziz is known as someone who consistently wants to not only stay ahead ot the industry but to develop technology that helps his company to be the leaders that other competitors need to follow. He is known as a highly driven man who demands greatness from his team. Throughout his career he has pushed to make sure every business he worked with was a leader in its respective industry.


National Steel Car has seen great things under the leadership of Gregory J Aziz and continues to expand each year. As North America’s leading provider of railroad freight cars and the engineering science behind those rail cars, the reputation earned is thanks to the fearless leadership of Greg Aziz.


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