Whitney Wolfe’s Journey of Humble Beginnings and Business Growth

When Whitney Wolfe has started Bumble, she did not have a business location. As a matter of fact, she describes the first location of her business as her first employee’s parents‘ home. One of the best things about these humble beginnings is that they have worked with a lot of passion to take it to the success that it would eventually experience in three years. They have become a multinational company that has 80 employees in multiple countries. This shows that Whitney Wolfe has a passion and a wisdom to match that when it comes to women’s empowerment.

With the growth of the company, Whitney Wolfe has experienced new challenges and more needs to fulfill. This has resulted in her having to hire more people with select skills. While she was looking at new candidates, she has looked at different factors such as pay. One thing that she has noticed is that women and men differ in how they feel when they go for more pay. Women tend to feel a sense of guilt when they fight for higher pay. However, men feel a sense of empowerment when they demand higher pay. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe encourages women to assert themselves for higher pay.

One of the ways that women have been oppressed in the workplace is that they had to accept lower levels of pay. This is not to say that only women have been victims of this oppression. Certain types of men had to settle for unfair pay as well as other forms of injustice in the workplace. One thing that Whitney Wolfe has done in order to avoid this type of injustice for herself was start her own business. One of the freedoms that come with starting a business is higher pay. The pay is often higher than one can get at a regular job.

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