Vinod Gupta Is Definitely On The LIST Of Success


When it comes to self-made people, one person you have to consider is Vinod “Vin” Gupta. This entrepreneur was born in 1946, this business person managed to turn a simple $100.00 bank loan in to an amazing company that sold for a whopping $680.00 million price tag. It was Vinod’s ability to notice that there was a big need that was not being fulfilled in the business to business market information niche.


The information niche neglected was list compiling and Vin made InfoUSA the great company that it is today. The InfoUSA company at its core, is based on list compiling and I expand the organization he later acquired other complementary information technology organizations that made it the mega powerhouse it is today. Now, he runs an investment firm known as the Everest Group, a venture capital organization that provides funds to database technology startups. In addition, Vinod’s company acquires organizations who are struggling and he uses information technology to help create success.


Mr. Vin Gupta loves to concentrate on neglected populations and help to give employment offers. Bill Clinton former President, has given praise to Vin for his proactive employment hiring practices. Further, Vinod Gupta is very proactive when it comes to charity and this includes his efforts to devote funds to schools in India. Vinod Gupta has been a huge supporter of Women’s Education and started the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic for Women in Rampur Maniharan.


When asked how he got the idea for InfoUSA, he said it started when he was working for this manufactured mobile home company. The mobile home company was where he worked as a Market Research Analyst and his primary role was to compile lists of all dealers (mobile home) in the USA. As Vin started to compile the list he first realized that such a list did not exist and he noticed that many businesses could benefit from a time-saving standpoint by using such a large list. Go To This Page for related information.


Once Mr. Vin Gupta came to the realization on how important the lists are, he started to make his own lists and at the same time he formulated direct mail marketing to concentrate on organizations that would benefit from his list. Further, this list produced big orders and that’s when realization for the untapped demand for business to business data and he formulated InfoUSA to run on a global scale.


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