Victoria Doramus: Helping Out A Local Animal Shelter

Victoria Doramus is a successful marketing expert, however, she admits to having her own challenges that negatively impacted her life. She had been addicted to drugs for a while but was eventually able to recover. While on the path of recovery, she realized how therapeutic it was to help others who were also in a dark place. She is also a big believer in caring for animals that may be abused, unloved, and uncared for. Her love of animals is the reason that she supports the best Friends Animal Society. The organization is a nonprofit with the purpose to end the practice of killing even unloved animals in all the animal shelters in the nation.

Best Friends Animal Society was formed in the 1980’s. During this period most animal shelters would automatically kill unwanted cats and dogs that were brought in if they could not find a home. Some estimates suggest that almost 17 million animals were killed on a yearly basis. This practice infuriated a group of friends who decided to gather as many unwanted animals as they could handle and find them shelter and care until they were able to find a family that would adopt them. The friends were successful in finding good homes for most of the animals they found. The animals that were unable to be placed could live out their days with care and love, even the old and sick ones. The reason Victoria Doramus (@victoria_doramus) feels so strongly about this organization is that she too believes that it is wrong to kill animals just because it is hard to place them in a home.

Best Friends Animal Society has grown substantially since the organization first started. Today, they have the capacity to house 1,600 animals, as well as provide all the necessary food, medical care, and the love the animals need. Best Friends Animal Society works hard to bring together other support groups and animal shelters across the country to hold events that are meant to help as many animals as possible find a home. Victoria Doramus loves this organization because the values of the organization align with her own. She feels that for humans and animals to thrive, they both need love and care.