The Success of NGP VAN


The company is a web hosting platform as well as a voter registration database system based in Washington D.C. and is used by the Democratic party as well as its affiliates. The privately owned organization is mainly known for campaign activities for not only the not for profit organizations but also the Democratic party. Since its inception, the venture has undergone various transformation including its name. NGP VAN platform is used by both social and political organization for organizing multiple fundraising strategies. The company has been in operation for two and a half decades, and it has brought about tremendous support to the party.



The organization provides some products to the beneficiaries that include a mobile canvassing application known as a MiniVan that gives the opportunity to the associated political parties as well as organizations to have direct contact in the real time. Furthermore, the other product is known as a VoteBuilder. It is used for tracking the potential interaction with the voters as well. However, the product is used by the Democratic party.


Facebook Video Recap

One of the recent videos posted on NGP Van ‘s platform was an interview with the head of the social media platform. She talked about their strength when it comes to their social media of the strength’s that she talked about the fact that NGP Van knows when to make jokes and when to get serious. They know that that there is always time for everything. This is done by deciding what the voice is and the stake. Paying attention to what people are doing and what they are engaging with and how they want information laid down.


Additionally, one of the most important things that NGP Van does is having the right protocol to respond to the breaking news. There is someone who is employed, and their primary work is to scan across the social media twice or thrice a week and look for such a report, and this makes them be ahead of the rest.


NGP VAN’s Medium Blog Recap

The blog talks about how important political fundraising is essential as it allows the contestant to reach out to the members of the community as well as raise the much-needed funds.


Furthermore, when one is running for a public office/ a movement, always use a video as it is one of the easiest ways of telling your story to the public/Audience.