The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is a Marvel of Modern Entertainment

Businessman and mall owner Roberto Santiago started his career at the Cafe Santa Rosa. After that, he went into the investment business and put some money into a packaging company which later started manufacturing decorative objects as well. Mr. Roberto Santiago is currently the founder and owner of two shopping centers, as well as the owner of a manufacturing business for home utilities and small gifts.


Mr. Roberto Santiago had the dream of creating an entertainment center for friends and families to hang out and spend a day of fun. The mall has a reputation of an entertainment center that doubles as a shopping mall instead of vice versa. While most malls put an emphasis on shopping, the Manaira does the opposite as it offers many entertainment facilities and presents itself as an entertainment center rather than a house of shops although there are more than 200 of those.


The Manaira Shopping Center is an impressive structure with more than 200 stores and boutiques, a vast food court and a gourmet area, a park for children completed with a kids buffet, many lounge areas, a gaming center with hundreds of titles. There is also a gym with a pool, seven cinemas, two of which are fitted for 3D viewing, a college filial and a bank. The Manaira Center was meant to be functional and offers a vast number of facilities to meet everyone’s needs.


Perhaps one of the most impressive and memorable aspects of the Manaira Shopping Center is what is on the roof of the massive building. The Domus Hall, inaugurated in 2009, is a large stage that can comfortably accommodate at least 10 000 people. The Domus Hall is popular in Brazil and has attracted the interest of performance from and outside the country. Singers, dance troupes, and other kinds of performers have stepped out on the stage to entertain the large audience.


The Domus Hall has been famous among wealthy individuals because it can be rented for special occasions. Some like to rent the sage for sizeable social gathering and parties, and others prefer to rent a lounge room for a small private party and enjoy the private bar.


Over the decades, Manaira Shopping Center has had to be enlarged more than a dozen times. The first expansion was a year after the inauguration, and after that, the all has had to b expanded every other year or so. The latest enlargement was of the garage area. The mall has six stories of indoor parking areas as of last year. Previously, the food court was expanded, and the gourmet area was added. There were also new corridors added to the mall to create a luxury area for some new high-end brands that opened in Manaira Shopping.