The Oxford Club Teaching Us How to Invest

The Oxford Club was founded in 1989 and is comprised of investors and entrepreneurs that provide global investment opportunities to their members. They help members achieve outstanding returns on investments and accumulate wealth. They are headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland and have over 80,000 members in 100 countries.


In addition, The Oxford Club delivers a newsletter called “The Oxford Communique.” This newsletter provides readers with expert advice from Alexander Green a chief investment strategist. He provides advice on market trends and investment opportunities. They provide “The Oxford Income Letter” written by Marc Lichtenfeld another chief income strategist. He provides information about creating an income portfolio that will give optimal results and explains dividend stocks. Additionally, they promote “The Oxford Income Weekly” and “The Oxford Income Mailbag” both newsletters provide answers to financial questions and insights on how to invest.


Furthermore, The Oxford Club provides members with the “Oxford Resource Explorer,” with strategies from Matthew Carr an energy and infrastructure strategist. It provides insights from David Fessler and Eric Fry a macro strategist. They offer their views on oil, natural gas, alternative energy, and metal investments. They also discuss their opinions on resource commodities and global investments. The Oxford Club offers 12 trading services to members that include the advanced energy strategist which provides outlooks on investing in energy. The automatic trading millionaire that teaches members how to invest in value stocks. They also offer fry’s pinnacle portfolio which monitors macroeconomic and geopolitical market trends.


In 1999, Investment U was created by the Oxford Club to provide financial education online. They offer courses, conferences, and videos to people interested in learning about investing. They send members a daily e-letter called, “Investment U Plus,” that contains information about obtaining financial freedom from their experts. Additionally, they provide articles on the effect of politics on the market, cryptocurrency trends, stocks, and Nasdaq research.


The Oxford Club is an exceptional organization that is sharing their knowledge with the world. They have created Investment U to further their reach in the industry. Their members value their expertise and have gained financial success.