The not so hidden passions of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures and is the vice president of the Legendary Investments. Even though he is not officially termed as a philanthropist, he has a helping heart and attitude. During his 20 years’ stay in the real estate market, his main vision has been to ensure that he actualizes the dreams of those who aspire to have homes. He does this from the beginning of the process, where he advises the potential clients, to financing of the projects and even to actual construction of the same. He has always been passionate about this line of work.

All in a bid to enhance his productivity, Todd has always attempted to maintain a balance between his personal life, family, and work. His appreciation for himself is evident from the way he does his level best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Working out early in the morning is one conscious effort he makes. He also tries his best to ensure he does not skip breakfast, to have enough energy to run him through the day. His family gets a better part of his morning as they have breakfast together. After leaving the house, he ensures that he maintains a very clear mind so that he can be able to work well.

If there is one trend that he really appreciates for making home ownership and extensively the real estate field exciting, it is the rapidly growing technology. More specifically, the ability to be able to control the utilities with just a touch of a button. For instance, controlling the air conditioning system with just a push on a remote-control button.

Being an entrepreneur, he advises other entrepreneurs to make sure that they maintain focus. With focus, there will always be the zeal and need to surge forward. The willingness to be successful, coupled up with past experiences would always lead to the success of an entrepreneurship. Past experiences can only be built if all the jobs that one takes up are taken with the seriousness they deserve. That way, they will be able to learn so much. In his case, for instance, working in real estate is what encouraged him to get into mortgage banking.