The Journey Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco In Banco Bradesco

     Banco Bradesco SA is one of the revolutionary financial institutions in Brazil which is one highly populated country in South America. The bank was founded in the year 1943 by Amador Aguiar from humble beginnings. This was in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s financial hub.

The journey of Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco in the financial world started in 1969 when he was taken in by Banco Bradesco as an intern at the bank’s Marilia branch. The hard work he put in finally paid off in 1984 when he was elevated to the position of Marketing Director. Luiz Carlos Trabuco introduced and implemented consumer targeting and segmenting policies. These approaches, though not widely used at the time, proved viable in reaching the consumers more effectively.

Consumer targeting and market segmenting increased the bank’s profits to 35%. The market also grew tremendously as customers were treated differently and according to their specific needs. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was also tasked with heading the insurance segment of Banco Bradesco. He also brought great success in this department as its market share grew to 25%. This was a two-point growth which is quite significant considering the dense population of Brazil.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco would later get a degree in philosophy and subsequently study social psychology at the school of sociology and politics in Sao Paulo. In 2009 he took over from Marcio Cyprian as CEO, making him the fourth CEO in the institution’s history. He worked in this position for about a decade.

Banco Bradesco SA had by this time grown into a world-class entity with many employees and huge assets in banking and insurance. In 2015 facilitated the purchase or acquisition of HSBC Holdings which expanded its assets and market reach in a short time. He became the next president of Banco Bradesco SA succeeding Mr. Lazaro Brandao. Banco Bradesco SA has come a long way and has achieved a lot of success under great minds and leaders such as Luiz Carlos Trabuco who command a lot of respect all over the world and especially in finance.