“The Entrepreneur; Marc Beer “

Mark Beer is a remarkable businessman who has been successful in his career in business. His dedication and his prolific leadership skills have enabled him to scale greater heights and build a great reputation for himself. In addition to that, his ability to learn from people has enabled him to come up with new strategies that have greatly helped him to withstand the challenges that he has come across. Because of his great qualities he has been able to work with many companies and has been entrusted to handle big roles in those companies. He is a graduate of Miami University where he acquired a bachelor of science.

However, he ventured into a business where he has spent about 25 years of his career in developing and increasing pharmaceuticals, diagnostics devices and also biotechnology. Marc Beer also participated in the founding of Renovia Inc., together with two other of his colleagues. Renovia is a company that focuses on offering help to women who suffer from weak pelvic floor muscles. Because of Mark Beer’s exemplary achievements in his roles in other companies, Renovia had complete trust in his leadership skills and made him the CEO of the company. As the CEO, he was successful in obtaining fund which greatly helped the company to get the necessary equipment to start up their treatment.

Later on, he was able to acquire $42.3 million which facilitated the next face of development in the company. The funds will be very useful in the diagnostic products and also acquire more equipment with the latest technological advancement. In addition to that, the money will be useful in the development of other Renovia commercial promotions in the future. Marc Beer’s achievements  have development a great reputation for him. Among other companies that he has worked with is the biotechnology company known as ViaCell. He was part of the team that founded ViaCell which is a company that has desiccated itself to preserve umbilical cords for the purpose of preserving the stem cells contained in those umbilical cords. Learn more: https://patch.com/massachusetts/boston/renovias-marc-beer-raises-42m-treat-womens-health-issues

Again he was made the CEO of the company and under his leadership, the company developed to become a great company. He was also able to acquire Perkin Elmer for the company. He gained a lot of experience and knowledge working at ViaCell especially in the world of technology and also medicine. He has also worked with Genzyme where he was made the Vice President of the marketing department. He has also worked as a sale and marketing person. Marc Beer has learned a lot not only in business but also in medicine thank to the positions he has worked. He has been a great example to other entrepreneurs through his great business strategies and his skills in business.