The Corporate Integrity Program by Bruno Fagali

     Brazil is an attractive business destination for many companies. This has mainly been influenced by two factors. The large population which creates a large market base and the abundance of natural resources. These two factors have seen big multinationals establish branches and offices in Brazil. Business law application plays a major role in setting up businesses and guiding the way they operate. One lawyer in handling matters of business law is Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali

With about decades practicing law, Bruno Fagali is obviously a leading legal figure in Brazil. He is a founding partner of Fagali Advocacy, a private law firm. His specialization is in the area of public law, election law and anti-corruption law. He also works for New/sb as an integrity manager. New/sb is an advertising agency in Brazil. He has been working for the agency since 2015.

Brazil is one country that takes the issue of corruption very seriously. Due to its huge population, Brazil has put up strict measures that will see people doing business there do not engage in corrupt deals. This is why legislative arm of the government passed an anti-corruption law that directs how private and public business entities should carry out their operations.

Bruno Fagali being a qualified lawyer under this legal discipline plays a key role in litigating issues that may arise out of corruption related cases. It is for this proficiency in this discipline that New/sb hired him to implement anti-corruption laws in the agency. His role in the agency is to ensure that integrity is observed in all business transaction conducted by the company. New/sb being a large advertising agency and which seals deals with government and big corporate player, it has to make sure that its integrity beyond reproach.

To make the fight against corruption more effective, Bruno Fagali created a corporate integrity program that would be later adopted by the government. The government demands businesses in Brazil to comply with the program as one of its measure to curb corruption. Through the program, the integrity aspect is also passed to the staff of the company. Bruno Fagali has represented clients in areas of bidding law, administrative and civil law.

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