Ted Bauman’s Inspiration and Success

Ted Bauman’s career has been dedicated to connecting individuals to the resources for financial freedom. Bauman emigrated to South Africa from Washington D.C. in his youth. He is a University of Cape Town graduate where he focused on economics and history. Bauman spent over twenty years in a variety of financial positions before making the move to Banyan Hill Publishing where he writes a financial newsletter.

Bauman’s Inspiration for His Business

Ted Bauman’s background in finance allowed him to make his dreams a reality. Protecting people from threats posed by large businesses and government inspired his work.

Earning Money

Ted Bauman went to Atlanta, Georgia and became part of a non-profit when he came back to the U.S. His father talked him into following him into the world of writing about finances.

Bauman Makes a Profit

Success was easier for Bauman because of the experience and financial background he had in South Africa. He found his economics knowledge helpful when he began writing professionally. Creating content that caught the attention of the public took Bauman some effort and some time.

The Early Years

Ted Bauman admits that time management was a problem for him when he was starting out. He learned about boundaries after working for a company that helps with building low-income housing. There is a point where communities have to determine what they can handle without any guidance from the outside.

Bauman’s Road to Writing

People recognized the name Bauman in the writing industry because of his father. It made it easy for him to be successful at Banyan Hill Publishing. Bauman stays informed so that he can be at the top of his game and provide his readers with the best that he has to offer.

Ted Bauman has spent his career with finances and uses it to help those that may not have the same knowledge understand investments and become profitable.

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