Ted Bauman Portfolio Works

     Ted Bauman works at Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013. He trades editorial works at The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert. Bauman provides advisory in asset protection, privacy, migration, and investment strategies. Born in Washington D.C. and after that migrated to South Africa where he graduated with degrees in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town. Through The Bauman Letter, Ted expresses his experiences and opinions to subscribers to embrace diversity in investment and economic opportunities and enhance privacy. Here are some of the editing works.

Digital Assets Security

In today’s world, almost everyone has an email, credit card, and some online social media profiles. Each of these assets has password protection. Even your phone or laptop require logins. Ted outlines the importance developing a digital asset plan for inheritance purposes and continued use of your digital assets. Ted acknowledges that there no federal law monitoring access and inheritance of digital property and only 29 states have developed procedures for providing a deceased person’s family right to manage the assets after death. Ted highlights the need to maintaining an inventory list of your digital assets. The asset file should have your login IDs and passwords for different social media accounts, bank details, subscribed websites, and shopping sites. Utilize your favorite password manager to safeguard all this information or outsource an online security storage firm to store the passwords and the login data. Next outline a clear plan of who will have access to the information and your digital accounts. Additionally, Ted advice that you should choose your trustees for digital assets wisely. You can grant a different person access to social media accounts and subscriptions and the other to online bank accounts such as PayPal.

Portfolio Investments

Any economy goes through a business cycle from expansion, peak, and contraction to trough. During the expansion stage, revenues are high leading higher investments. The economy observes spillover effects such as higher wages and expanded production. But over time expansion leads to market saturation and economy contracts. During contraction, there a high correlation between the price of different stocks and commodities in various sectors. The market values of the assets decline during contraction. Ted advises that an investment may have a lower return but ultimately improve your portfolio investment in a particular portfolio if its correlation to a specific sector is minimal. Also, the low-correlated investment maintains better prices when the others fall.