Talkspace Encourages Depressed People that Having a Relationship is Okay

Some people who are suffering from depression might wonder if it is a good idea to date. The reality is that it is. Talkspace advises people with depression not to give up on dating. The organization believes that therapy could actually beneficial for people suffering from mental health issues.

In case you didn’t know, Talkspace is an online therapy app that provides people with therapy service. This talk therapy application was created in 2012 by Roni and Oren Frank. The Franks are a married couple that started this company as a means to help other people with the challenges they face from mental health issues. The organization is endorsed by Olympic champion Michael Phelps. He too suffers from depression at times. However, he is in a loving relationship with his wife.  Check out to read more about Talkspace

When it comes to love people with depression often think they are going to shortchange the relationship because of how they feel. Depression often makes people believe that they cannot fell love and excitement. At times this might be true. However, depression symptoms can also be eased through the process of love. Being in love often makes people feel exceptionally good and this feeling is beneficial to people suffering from being within a depressed state.

Depression might interfere with a person’s depressed state but that does not mean that they will lose their sex drive. Depression also might want to make people stay isolated within a relationship but that does not mean that they are not in love. Keep in mind that depression might make you feel more sensitive to playful teasing and in lover’s quarrels.

While depression is a serious matter it is not so serious to the point where it should stop a person from experiencing the joys of love. A relationship is doable for people suffering from depression. No depressed person should believe that they are not capable for finding love and happiness.