Stream Energy Goes All In For Philanthropy

Stream Energy has long had philanthropy at the heart of its organization. This company has been involved in charitable giving and volunteering for over 12 years but it now has to launch its own foundation, Stream Cares. This formalizes the direct-selling energy company’s charity across Texas and across the country.

To continue what the company has been doing so far, Stream Cares is looking to work with other foundations and charities that affect local communities. That’s something many businesses have been doing for a number of years. When looking at charitable donations in 2016, American businesses gave away nearly $19 billion, not including the amount dedicated to marketing in support of causes, corporate sponsorships, and the investment in time and personal sums from employees.

But the creation of a charitable foundation within the company isn’t so common. Stream Energy hopes that Stream Cares can continue their altruism but also act as a representative of the company and promote their brand to existing and future clients as one that cares.

The Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity are just a couple of well-known organizations that have formed a working relationship with Stream Energy. But grassroots giving remains at the forefront of workers; interest in expanding heir philanthropy.

A cause that has been on the minds of many residents of Dallas is the surge in homelessness. The city has seen a 24% increase in the number of homeless people. Stream Energy sought to play a part in helping people get back on their feet.

They partnered up with Hope Supply Co., an organization that shares their concerns over the city’s homelessness. The Splash of Hope event gave 1,000 homeless children to a local water park to spend the day with Stream employees. End of the day, those same children were given financial aid and resources like clothing, diapers, and school supplies.

This is quite a big deal for Texas. When looking across the country, this state is almost always dead last in the charity department, in terms of time and funds. Stream Energy’s foundation looks to enhance the company’s image but to also step up as an example to the state’s corporate community, showing how giving back is just good business.