Strategic Investor And Man Of Vision: Paul Mampilly

To be considered a man of vision as well as being a savvy investor takes skills and achievements that are recognized the world over. With such skills and achievements, this can only set apart such a figure in the world today. Mr. Paul Mampilly is such a figure and has been recognized as one of the savviest investors in the financial world today.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Paul Mampilly graduated with an MBA from Fordham University. This is where his beginnings in all things finance took place. From starting as a financial manager for Bankers Trust, Mr. Mampilly quickly started his rise. His education did not stop while being deeply involved in the world of Finance. Billion dollar companies sought his advice the world over and he even handled over 20 billion dollars in company’s assets. Such achievements earned him a prestigious achievement of having the world’s best returns. As with any ambitious person today, there must be a balance between personal life and work life and this is what makes Paul Mampilly stand apart.

As being a dedicated husband and father to his family, he decided to take a break from Wall Street and spend time with home. Aside from the everyday hustle and bustle of life, he enjoys helping regular people achieve their goals in financial matters. As a senior editor of Banyan Publishing, this has allowed Paul Mampillyto put his words of wisdom between pages that investors and non-investors can gain gems of wisdom from his sound mind. As being a frequent TV personality, due to his achievements in the financial sector and his many philanthropic pursuits, Mr. Paul Mampilly is a true paragon of society.

Having a background of Wall Street on his resume as well as him being an analyst, day trader, and the many positions within the financial world, Mr. Mampilly is more than qualified when it comes to sound financial advice. Savvy investors look forward to his publications as do global market participants as well. Nothing short of amazing and nothing short of accomplished, Mr. Paul Mampilly deserves the critical acclaim that he is receiving today.

In conclusion, Mr. Mampilly is still involved in the financial markets on a day-to-day basis although not as heavily involved as a managing partner of any major hedge fund. Nothing short of amazing as this man has shown us what it means to be dedicated to a course of action. Visit:


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