Softbank Acquires Fortress Investment Group

In the business world, acquisitions have proven to be very beneficial and practical for many companies. In the most common scenarios, investment firms acquire financial services firms in order to help continue their growth and expansion. At times, there are some acquisitions that don’t make a lot of sense to observers but are vary beneficial to internal parties. One of the most recent examples of this is the recent acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by the firm Softbank. With a deal worth over $3 billion, Softbank has now acquired an ownership stake in the investment firm.

The deal between Softbank and Fortress Investment Group will benefit both entities due to their history and common goals. Both companies have looked to reach out to new areas in their respective industries. Each of these companies is also looking to brand themselves differently in recent years as well. Softbank was founded in Japan during the early 1980’s and has grown into a technology conglomerate. Fortress Investment Group was founded in the late 1990’s as an alternative investment management firm. Over the years it has looked to become one of the world’s largest investment firms in the world.

Compared to Softbank, Fortress Investment Group is not an entity that often changes itself. However, it has made changes on occasion to remain competitive and adapt to th newest trends in the financial markets. The firm was founded by Randal Nardone and Wes Edens. Over the course of its existence, the firm has provided asset management of things such as real estate, hedge funds and private equity investment securities. Today, the firm now manages over $40 billion worth of assets for over 1700 clients worldwide. Despite being acquired by Softbank, the firm will continue to operate as it always has throughout its history.

During the last couple of years, Softbank has been looking to acquire for a firm that it can use to develop into a top investment firm. The company believed that it would need to accomplish this goal by aligning itself with a company that offers investment advice, investor relations, trading and compliance. Therefore it looked to acquire Fortress Investment Group and own it with a hands off approach to avoid regulatory policies.

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