Sheldon Lavin brings OSI Group onto the International Scene

Having a chance to serve as the president of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has been able to create a high profile in the meat and food production sector. Currently, Lavin works as the Chief Executive Officer of OSI International Foods Ltd, and he actively takes part in the organization’s various operations. Sheldon Lavin started his career in 1970 when he was part of the founding team of Otto & Sons which changed to OSI Group. Under his governorship and vision, OSI developed from a domestic food production firm to a global industry leader within a short time. Currently, the company has established numerous branches in 60 locations in 60 different nations.

Recently, India’s Vision World Academy awarded him with the Global Visionary Award as an acknowledgment of his remarkable achievements of bringing OSI Group onto the global arena. Additionally, Sheldon Lavin has made a massive contribution to the growth of job opportunities in the entire world. He pointed out that he was grateful and chastened to receive such high-status accolade and is very proud of his achievements in assisting the company grows to a global powerhouse that it is today. He has committed his whole life to the general welfare of OSI International and its many workers.

Apart from expanding the business operation of the OSI Group around the world, the food processing firm has been awarded numerous environmental and sustainability accolades under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. However, Lavin is optimistic that the succeeding generation of business leaders will continue to prioritize this virtue. When requested to shade some light on his unending list of achievement, Sheldon claims that he strives to motivate the next generation of business leaders to devote themselves to grow their corporations in responsible and legitimate ways. He adds that the approaches to be used must contribute to the growth of international commerce and creates new opportunities for workers.

As lavin shares uplifting words of wisdom and encouragement, he is not stopping any time soon. He is an organized leader, and despite having a tight schedule, he still gets time to take part in philanthropic activities like Ronald McDonald House Charities.