Securus Wants an Independent Judge to Prove They’re the Best

Securus Technologies wants an independent judge to test who is the better company in a tech-off against Global Tel Link.  The proposal for the independent technology judge would have these two companies head to head, in a series of tests to determine which company is the better one out of the two. Range of products offered, quality of telephone platform, and amount of capital are just a few of the criteria that the Securus company wants looked at. News of this technology battle between two companies arrives in the wake of claims made by GTL that Securus did not take kindly to.


In comparisons made by Securus, when discussing GTL, they present interesting data. For instance, Securus maintains that they have a domestic call center, while GTL mostly outsources this work to other countries. The Securus company also claims that many customers have made the switch, from Global Tel Link, to their business. In addition, Securus also mentioned features that this company has which are not offered by GTL.

  1. Mille Jerry says:

    Starting at the present moment, there has been no reaction from Global Tel Link which leaves the eventual fate of this innovation fight occurring uncertain. This news comes after the GTL organization has been expressing certainties that the Securus organization says are just not genuine. It is also a process whereby uk best essay might have been able to carry out most of these activities and still use it to predetermine the extent of the discussions and promotions too.

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