Securus Technologies Helping Law Enforcement Agencies Stop the Contraband Supplies to Prison

Securus Technologies started off as an inmate communication company but offers many more services to prisons such as emergency response, investigation, biometric analysis, public information, monitoring products and services, government payment options and many more. The company is dedicated to finding solutions to the problems faced by the prison industry and helping them make the prisons safer place. These services were not needed until a few years back, but today they have become a necessity. Since criminals too have become technologically sound, prisons need to find ways to stop them from using technology to make threats to the life of other inmates and the correctional officers.


Securus Technologies is based out of Carrolton in Texas and currently offers its services to more than 3,500 correctional agencies and law enforcement agencies. The company recently was the recipient of the Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. This is the third year in a row that the company has achieved such an honor. Stevie Awards competition is held every year and receives more than 10,000 applications every year from over 60 countries. The applicants include large, mid-sized and small businesses that have excelled in providing excellent customer service to their customers.


Securus Technologies has been a preferred partner for providing correctional services to over 3,450 correctional facilities. More than a million inmates depend entirely on the inmate communication services provided by Securus Technologies. The company has earned a reputation for providing affordable and reliable correctional services. The company recently launched one of the most advanced correctional technologies to date, known as the drone detection technology. It is a technology that would not let the drone enter the jail premises and thus, the contraband supply would be stopped. The contraband supplies have been reaching in unprecedented amounts in recent years to the prison, and it has been worrying the jail officials. No matter how strict the security measures were put in place, the drugs, weapons, and contraband phones managed to reach inside the prison. The drone is the answer to why no security measure was able to stop the contraband supply to the prison.


Along with the drone detection technology, Securus Technologies recently also introduced the much awaited wireless containment solutions. It is a technology that would not let the contraband phones connect to the network, and thus, these contraband phones won’t be useful to the inmates. When the contraband phones aren’t able to connect to the system, it won’t be able to make or receive calls. Securus Technologies has been in the limelight recently for many reasons, and one of these reasons is that it also won three Gold Stevie Awards. It is one of the most prestigious awards in the corporate sector, and winning three awards speaks highly of the company’s dedication towards its customers.