Securus Technologies customers of all stripes extremely satisfied

Every business has to make compromises in terms of how it serves broad and sometimes different groups of customers. A car manufacturer may have to produce a car that is able to be useful for people hauling kids around and going to the grocery store, while also providing the performance necessary to put a smile on the face of the driver. But this type of the duality of the customer base is often limited in scope for most normal businesses. Their overall customer base just doesn’t differ that much from one customer to the other.


However, Securus Technologies, one of the leading providers of inmate communication services in the country today, has a truly difficult challenge when it comes to providing satisfying products to all of its customers. That’s because one group of its customers is often diametrically opposed to the other. Because Securus create technology for inmates in the nation’s prison system, they are often involved in a perilous balancing act, providing features that both groups of customers want and need, without severely compromising in the interest of one group over the other.


One example of the way in which Securus has been able to carry out this difficult balancing act has been in its implementation of video visitation technology. Video visitation has all of the features that inmates love, allowing them to stay in nearly constant face-to-face communications with their loved ones on the outside, obviating the need for family members to spend thousands of dollars traveling to see the inmates in person.


But the technology also has many of the features that guards have come to rely on. These include the ability of the video visitation technology to automatically parse all communications taking place over the prison’s communication systems. The system is able to automatically detect language that may be related to the commission of crimes, including the use of code words and conspiratorial language.