Sawyer Howitt Explains Why Retailers are Avoiding RFID Technology

     RFID Technology was developed with the aim of helping retailers in the apparel industry increase their sales and improve their inventory. In a survey conducted to determine the popularity of the system, only 8% of apparel businesses in the U.S and Europe have adopted it. Such a low number of users is an indication that retailers either have no knowledge of its existence or fear using it. Sawyer Howitt looked at the possible reasons the apparel retailer could be lagging from using RFID Systems.

Fear and Bourgeois-Mentality

Many retailers have the tendency of trying new technology but never adopting it fully. This gives developers the notion that users are embracing their system whereas only a small number is doing so. Others are conservative and fear trying anything new since they are not entirely sure of how such changes will impact their business.

The RFID System is Rather Expensive

RFID System installation cost is rather high and drains the little profits retailers make. This results in many retailers choosing not to install the systems. Development companies have realized this and most of them are coming up with better and affordable technology.

How RFID Developers can Make Retailers Adopt the Systems

Although the usage of RFID tech is quite discouraging, things are most likely to change as time goes by. Most customers in the apparel industry opt to do their clothing and footwear shopping online. Any apparel retailer who has such a unique demand from his customers has no choice but integrate RFID technology in his business.

However, RFID developers need to come up with a system that is cheap and easy to install so as to help apparel retailers fully accept the system.

The developers also need to be aggressive in their marketing skills. They need to create awareness of their systems and also enlighten users on the importance of having it. Meting the above recommendations will help systems receive admiration from many retailers throughout Europe and the U.S.

About Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is a student at California University, Berkeley where he is studying Entrepreneurial Finance. He is the project manager at Meriwether Group. He has a strong passion in business and finance and intensive understanding of how businesses work. He uses his position as project manager to help businesses expand.

Sawyer is philanthropic in nature and involves in several philanthropic causes. He participates in youth mentorship programs and also fights for women rights. In addition, he is a leader in an international ethnic group.