Sahm Adrangi’s Negated Report on QuinStreet Inc

A whistleblower is someone who has acquired important information and knowledge on illegal activities being conducted in an organization. With that said, whistleblowers can be contactors, clients or suppliers. They can even be employees regardless of their position at work. One such individual who has shaped his career around whistle blowing is Sahm Adrangi.



Adrangi is the head of Kerrisdale Capital. Apart from that, he is the founder of the company and he uses this platform to highlight the illegal activities found in different firms. Just the other day, he blew the whistle on QuinStreet Inc, a marketing company known for using the internet as its main platform for selling services and products. According to Adrangi, this company has quadrupled its stocks out of no viable grounds. He says that QuinStreet Inc issued a report highlighting its recent sales. However, the numbers do not just add up.


The Outpour of Sales

For Adrangi, it is obvious that these sales generate from one client. That is the major root cause for questioning the company’s intention. He goes on to say that this could be a trick to get more investors into the business even though it is clear that the company has no good intentions at all. For Sahm Adrangi, QuinStreet Inc is another company with a hidden agenda. Therefore, clients and prospective investors should be worried and forewarned about joining the company.


The Report

From the look of things, Sahm Adrangi could be right because he has vast experience in whistle blowing. Moreover, he has always looked out for clients by taking the first step in running a background check followed by issuing a report. What is more, his reports have always been credited and most of them have turned out to the factual.


The Observation

Perhaps Adrangi is good at his job because he has been doing for quite some time. First appearing in public when he issued negated reports on Chinese companies that were dealing in illegal activities, Adrangi has since earned the trust of many clients and investors alike. Until now, he uses his platform to educate masses on the value of working with companies that can be relied on.