Roseann Bennett’s Passion For Therapy


Roseann Bennett is an individual with over a decade’s worth of experience in the medical field. She specializes in marriage and family issues, and her biggest accomplishment to date was founding the Center for Assessment and Treatment in 2010. The Center for Assessment and Treatment is designed to help anyone who needs any level of assistance. Roseann Bennett recently expanded on her job and career path in a online interview.

As founder of Center for Assessment and Treatment, Bennett is an active participant in the daily operations of the company. She plays a vital role in the leadership, direction, and coordination of what happens within its doors. Roseann Bennett finds her work ethic to be her strongest trait. From morning to night, she will be working with clients, checking emails, and solving the problems in front of her. As a side project, she runs two online blogs to assist in spreading information.

When it comes to maintaining this busy daily life style, Roseann Bennett has found a fair balance to approaching her work. She will devote no more than the required amount of attention to a problem, while also giving herself time to walk around. Roseann Bennett is also a firm believer of using old fashioned pen and paper for work tasks. Overall, she has each day planned out in advance and continues to find new ways to better help patients.

The medical industry is a place where an individual needs to have a strong drive and passion for what they do. Therapists in particular need to understand how to relate and empathize with the client. Roseann Bennett always puts her job first at the end of the day. The company can only run because it gets new clients continuously. She truly enjoys helping those who come into her office. See This Page to learn more.


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