Robert Ivy Becomes The Mississippi Honor Icon

Polk Awards is one of the top-notch events one can be recognized under. Ideally, there has never been an architect who has been honored in these events. When the news broke about Robert Ivy, the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects was receiving this award the news spread like fire. This platform gave him much honor among other architect and it proves that he was indeed one of the best the world has ever had.

Ivy in his career has received numerous awards such as the McGraw-Hill Award for his excellence in management. He was later unopposed voted as the Master Architect during a national architecture fraternity in Alpha Rho Chi. Has been severally listed among legendary architects such as Richard Buckminster, Cass Gilbert, Wellborn Root among others. He was recently awarded the Folio Design and the 2008 MPA Digital Award for the Website of the Year.

Being the ensign of the AIA, Robert Ivy has learnt a lot to do with professional organizations. In his part, he says that it is very important to join an association or society in your field of expertise. This improves your credibility and offers opportunities to excel. Speaking about the perks of professional organizations, he highlighted four things that such a body helps or rather should do.

A professional organization ideally is an extension from your tertiary education. It should educate and train members especially those new in the industry and do not know how the market is. Besides, it offers members an opportunity to reach out to their colleagues and network with their mentors. In line with these, it should also help those seeking employment opportunities find it easier to get placement. Finally, Robert Ivy says that due to industry demands, a professional should belong to a society or association. At AIA, it’s easy to voice concerns rather than if done singularly.

About Robert Ivy

Robert is the executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects. He is a well-established architect behind some spectacular properties in the United States of America. He has extensively shared his comprehension about this field writing on the GreenSource, Architectural Record, the Constructor among other media outlets. Robert Ivy is also a member of the Design Future Council.

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