Outstanding NewsWatch TV Partnership Review

NewsWatch is a platform that delivers the latest news covering entertainment, health, travel, and technology. It is a trusted medium that is neither controlled nor owned by the networks that it advertises. Bridge Communications is the company that privately produces NewsWatch. It can be viewed weekly on the Ion Network and can be viewed twice a month on the AMC Network. NewsWatch TV is hosted by Andrew Tropeano and often features special reports by multiple people. NewsWatch produced their first television episode March, 2019 and has produced over 1,500 original episodes.

Over the time between now and their first NewsWatch TV Episode, they have covered important information ranging from technology reviews to public policy issues. They have been known to inform the public about many topics related to economic, political, family orientated, medical,and even shopping. This platform is also trusted and utilized by many celebrities and entertainers in America to talk about issues that concern them. Over 650 celebrities and entertainers has appeared on NewsWatch TV including Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Chris Pratt, and Will Smith. In addition to featuring celebrities, NewsWatch continuously reaches over 96 million households nation wide and has reached over 700 million people.

Because it reaches so many people, many companies, non-profit organizations, and app developers trust and depend on NewsWatch to advertise their services, one of them being Contour Design. After partnering with NewsWatch to advertise their new technological computer keypad advancement, “Ultimate Workstation”, their was a huge leap in their sales. Via the review segment on NewsWatch TV, advertisement of the product reached over 95 million homes and received 697,924 online impressions. Bret Hudson, Contour Design’s Product Marketing Manager credits NewsWatch for their influence on the successful sell of the “Ultimate Workstation”.

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