Opening Doors to the Future of Math and Science: Gareth Henry Partners with Heriot-Watts

In an age of technological advancement and endless discoveries, great understanding of mathematics and the sciences of our world are priceless. Higher education is a must for one to achieve their goals in these fields, but this adventure is often too costly and vast for many bright minds. Luckily, there are individuals like Gareth Henry, an alumnus from Heriot-Watt University, who aim to help others reach those goals. As of December 2018, Gareth Henry will be offering a mentorship through Heriot-Watt that includes in-person meetings with the graduate.

In addition to the mentorship, Gareth Henry is offering a bursary for students that qualify. The requirements to participate in this program will include being from the UK, being enrolled in an Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics course, and significant financial need. With hopes that this opportunity will encourage greater participation in Actuarial courses and foster self-determination within the students at Heriot-Watt, Gareth Henry offers his time, support, and career knowledge.

Students graduating from this university, which is well-respected for its ability to provide ample education in the fields of business and industry, will no doubt be exceptionally prepared for their careers in Actuarial Sciences and all research-centered job opportunities when also given the chance to partake in this unique experience; thanks to the generosity of Mr. Gareth Henry.

With a greater understanding of not only the course curriculum but also the skills needed to work closely with others in order to meet objectives, students will exit this program ready to engage with and be successful in this ever-progressing world. Then, they too will have the aptitude to share their knowledge and talents with future generations, just as Mr. Henry has done for them. The passing on of these skills and career knowledge will continue to help the field of Actuarial Sciences flourish, possibly providing new and great opportunities for all.

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