Most of the time is when we hear about Obsidian Energy, and our mind thinks of Penn West Exploration Limited. To clear this confusion, Penn West is the current Obsidian Energy. The name of this energy company changed when some reformations were being made in the company on June 2017 by the chief executive of the firm David French, and the workers together with the shareholders. With time the company has been developing from one level to another since the age of reformation. It turned a new leaf and started afresh with new visions and missions to achieve. Calling upon all workers and shareholders to work in unison so that the company can keep growing. Obsidian Energy has emerged stronger, and it’s determined to improve towards an optimistic forthcoming. Obsidian has several subsidiaries including Canetic Resources Trust, Endev Resources Partnership, and Sifton Energy Inc. Currently, the company has approximately 300 employees on staff.

The company’s president is very optimistic that the Obsidian Energy has a perfect future. During the restructuring of Obsidian energy, three main principles were stated to govern the company and have it rise to its pick. These policies were; tirelessly pursuing development and creativity, to keep accountability and specific efforts with both the stakeholders and the community they are working with at large and to maintain the discipline while making decisions in the company and while dealing with the consumers.

David has assured the investors that there no need to fear to invest in the development of the Obsidian Energy because it has grown to be a very reliable oil and gas company and anyone can count on them. The name obsidian came from a special glass that one can be able to polish and hon. This title is symbolic meaning that the Obsidian Energy company has been reformed and equipped ready to serve its customers and improve their management. In the real sense if a group doesn’t encounter ups and downs then for sure that company is operating on slippery grounds. The difficulties that Obsidian energy has gone through as a company has made it resilient and more reliable because it has never given up.


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