National Steel Car Goes To New Levels Under Gregory Aziz

National Steel Company is one of the best-performing companies in Canada. It is an engineering and manufacturing company that is manufacturing railroad freight cars. National steel car was started in 1912 to serve the railway corporations at the time. There was a huge demand for railroad freight cars, and National Steel Car took advantage of the need to make huge profits which were plowed back into the company to expand its operations.

National steel car was initially under the management of National Industries Inc. However, it was later privatized and has been under the management of various teams. What is important to know is that despite changing hands a number of times, National Steel Car has never halted its operations. It has been through all the hurdles in the industry and has emerged stronger.

Gregory J Aziz is currently the CEO of the company. Greg is from Ontario and is an economist by profession. He has led the company for about two decades now. During his time in the management, he has made an effort to change the manner in which the company does it production operations. He has introduced measures that have improved the performance of the company. He has pumped enough money needed to make the company a leading company in the country. National steel car is no longer the same company as in the early 1990s. Today, its production capacity has gone up, and it is now producing over 12000 cars in one year. National steel car is working very hard to make its production systems as efficient as possible. Go Here for related Information.

Gregory took over the management of this company at a time when it was performing dismally. He introduced measures that would turn things around, and it has truly worked. National steel car is now a top manufacturing company in the region thanks to the brilliance of CEO Gregory James Aziz.


Greg Aziz is from Ontario Canada. He undertook economic studies the University of Western Ontario where he acquired a degree in economics. After graduating in 1971, he started working for a company owned by his family. It was a food business company. He worked at Affiliated Foods for 16 years and after managing to take the company to a higher level of success. He made the company the largest importer of foodstuffs into Canada and the largest supplier of the same in Canada and parts of the U.S.


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