Meet Matt Badiali: What You Should Know

Meet Matt Badiali: What You Should Know

Matt Badiali is an alumnus of Penn State University. During his undergraduate studies, he specialized in sciences. He attended Florida Atlantic University where he acquired an MSC in Geology. He also attended the North Carolina University for a Ph.D. He got into the finance world after completing his studies in the year 2004.

Matt Badiali was introduced into this field by an ally who was also a holder of Ph.D. in finance. The friend decided to introduce Matt into the industry because of his vast know-how in the area of geology. He knew well that Matt Baidiali has the potential of providing the required piece of advice to an average investor. Since he got into this lucrative industry, Matt has made several achievements. In the year 2017, he started a newsletter known as the Real Wealth Strategist with the Banyan Hill. Investors who followed his advice are now getting returns of about double-digit as well as triple-digit returns. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

Nowadays, Matt Badiali has been helping investors understand the best investments in metals, energy, as well as natural resources through writing. He has been able to create a network of readers from different corners of the world. Matt is one of the few people who have traveled to different parts of the world. If he wants to talk to certain people, he’ll move to where they are. He has gone as far as Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, Peru, Hong Kong, Iraq, and Haiti. He has visited several oil projects, company headquarters as well as mines in search of perfect investment ideas.

Matt says that a major change in the energy industry is about to happen. People will shift to electric power as opposed to the fossil fuels being utilized these days. He says this is not yet happening because there are no batteries capable of storing huge amount of power. Once such batteries are made, people will shift to electric power.

How the idea of writing a newsletter came into Matt Badiali’s mind

Crafting about natural resource investment needs the vital skill set. This is because natural resources are cyclical as well as speculative. One requires an understanding of markets, science, companies, and finance. To write and come up with something good, you need to combine experience and education. Matt Badiali says that the idea of writing a newsletter first came into his mind when a friend asked him to come up with the techniques of investing for an average person. Learn more: