Jeff Yastine Believes That Investing Is For Everyone

Jeff Yastine has knowledgeable experience in the wide arena of the financial industry. He once worked as a financial journalist at PBS on its Nightly Business Report broadcast in anchoring the desk on the latest in financial news which he won an award for. As a financial journalist, he naturally interviewed and spoke to individuals who were at the top of the financial tier, like Warren Buffet and Steve Forbes. It is with these contacts that Jeff Yastine learned a great deal more about investing. More info at

Presently, Jeff Yastine is the editorial director of the prestigious Banyan Publishing Company. He also runs the popular investment subscription service called Total Wealth Insider. Mr. Yastine has enjoyed the investment side of finance and he enjoys sharing what he has learned with his investors and young entrepreneurs. Jeff contributes investing articles through his company’s publications regarding stocks that show promise. Jeff’s contributory articles are popular because he writes in a style that resembles investment strategies for dummies readability.

Mr. Yastine’s current interests that he discusses, writes, and made a video about are The Kennedy Accounts. His investors are asking him about them mainly because of their historical background. President John F. Kennedy saw that the U.S. economy was falling flat and he believed that in order to grow it again, he needed people to use the investment system again. In 1960, Kennedy introduced the Kennedy Accounts where top tier companies would receive a resurgence of billions of dollars allowing investors to take a small amount of money, invest it in the companies and grow it into thousands.

Jeff uncovers this little-known Wall Street gain to help everyday people invest in specific companies. Jeff tells individuals that they do not need a broker who charges fees to buy the company stocks, instead they can invest in them directly through the company and at a huge discount. It is tips like this that makes Jeff Yastine stand-out as a trustworthy and knowledge investment analyst.

Cyber technology is the talk of the day and Jeff Yastine also has remarks about cyber-security efforts. Jeff believes that cyber-security is a field that is slow to grow to protect online businesses. Jeff has a degree in telecommunications from the University of Florida. He studied and focused his education in electronic journalism.

It is predicted that in four years IT security professionals will be lacking the necessary experts to keep businesses safe. Therefore, companies and the government will be investing a great deal of money into upgrading their systems. It is for this reason, that Jeff Yastine suggests that investors buy stock in companies specializing in cyber-security.