Jeff Herman Speaks About Victims Of Sexual Abuse

Jeff Herman is the pioneer of Herman Law. Over the years, he has gained international recognition for representing victims of sexual abuse. He has practiced law for several decades. Through his intervention, many victims of sexual abuse have gotten justice. He is experienced in the process of forensic interviewing. To spread more awareness on sexual abuse, he has trained various professional in the health and education sectors on how to handle the victims. He also works closely with the law enforcement authorities. The attorney points out that his work is not for the faint of heart. Herman has been involved in legal battles against high profile individuals. According to him, he derives a lot of satisfaction from helping victims of sexual abuse to recover from the trauma.


Jeff Herman works with a team of professionals in his law firm to gather evidence and in determining whether to proceed with the case. If they conclude that there is sufficient evidence against the offenders, the law firm provides various resources to the clients to facilitate the litigation process. Jeff Herman uses the chance to talk to the victims about recovering from the ordeal. He also encourages them to act as advocates against the vice in the society. The attorney attributes the success of the firm’s work the software that helps them to organize files and access them when needed in the courtroom.


The lawyer points out that the firm relies highly on referrals to increase the customer base. According to him, the main challenge of the method is that some clients shy away from sharing their experiences with others. In the long run, he hopes to create more awareness on sexual offenses and come up with new ways of prevention. He has inspired many people in the legal field. Jeff Herman advice the young practitioners is to be patient in their career to ensure that they do not make reckless decisions. He acknowledges that most young people have too many expectations when joining the job market and some of them are unrealistic. He recognizes the role that the modern media is playing in helping the victims of sexual abuse to resume to their normal lives. View Additional Info Here to get in touch with Herman and his law firm.