JD.com Has Had A Successful Year With Promotional Marketing


JD.com, which is also known by many as Jingdong Mall, is working with Sanrio to provide the popular Hello Kitty character to more than 300 million consumers in China during the holidays. Starting December 22, the biggest retailer in China will start sales promotions for Hello Kitty-themed products from various brands on JD.com. The products will be featured from categories such as FMCG, food, electronics, and others. Jingdong also plans to list limited edited gift packages with JOY and Hello Kitty covered in holiday themes that will be available for sale on the e-commerce site.


Supporting A New Initiative

JD.com is supporting its “Boundaryless Retail Vision” by providing an offline photobooth where customers can interact at the shopping mall in Beijing. Customers will be able to take pictures featuring themselves and JOY and Hello Kitty. When shoppers visit the photobooth, they will also be able to scan a QR code displayed by the booth that will direct them to Jingdong’s online promotion. Jipeng Men, JD.com’s head of marketing says they are very happy that the company has been able to use its platform to get Hello Kitty out in front of more than 300 million people over the Chinese holiday season. See This Page for additional information.


Working Hard Throughout The Year

The Hello Kitty holiday promotion is only the most recent in a long list of promotions Jingdong has started that feature popular names from apps, movies, and more. Earlier in the year, Jingdong worked with LINE FRIENDS to create a similar promotion. The company has also worked with Warner Bros.’ Justice League in the end of last year. JD.com is the biggest retailer in China and is in a good spot to use an collaborative strategy, helping brands get to consumers across various types of channels.


About JD.com

JD.com is the biggest retailer in China. The company is the largest online and overall retailer in China. It is also leads the internet companies by revenue. Jingdong is an example of the best way to online shop. The company is committed to providing a wide range of products, authenticity, and quality. It sells apparel, electronics, cosmetics, and fresh food. It is the best retailer of its kind and has a convenient fulfillment department that can offer next day and same day delivery. This company can service over 1 billion customers with this same service at the same speed.


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