James Dondero is a Philanthropist and an Executive at Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is headed by James Dondero who is the president of the company as well as the co-founder. The company is situated in Dallas, and James Dondero is striving to make a positive impact that will help to improve Dallas. During his higher education studies, James Dondero specialized in finance and accounting. After graduating with honors, James Dondero was equipped with the required knowledge that would help him maneuver the world of finance and luckily JPMorgan Chase & Co. offered him his first job. Afterward, James Dondero started working at American Express where he significantly contributed to the company’s tremendous growth. James Dondero later got a job at the Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary where he worked as the CIO. Through James Dondero’s input, the company turned its profitability to over $2 billion, and this was a successful turn. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

After amassing the relevant experience, James Dondero started his own private venture in 1993, and it goes by the name Highlands Capital Management. James Dondero used his experience as a finance expert to propel his company’s growth into one of the most significant credit managers in the United States. Highland Capital Management specifically deals with the management of private equity accounts and credit hedge funds.

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Despite being a hardworking entrepreneur, James Dondero is also a philanthropist. He has been passionately helping out the Dallas community by taking part in numerous projects within the society. For instance, James Dondero gave out a donation of $1 million to the Dallas Zoo after it was closed down in 2001 since one of the elderly hippos had died. The funds disbursed by James Dondero will help in rebuilding the hippos’ natural habitat. James Dondero together with his fellow philanthropists was able to donate a lump sum amount of $14 million.

The zoo is currently operational, and visitors can get to view the hippos at their own convenience. The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute is also a beneficiary of the philanthropic efforts of James Dondero through his company- Highland Capital Management. The growth of the Highland Capital Management has also influenced the presence of business partnerships with the likes of Mary Jalonick, the chief executive officer and the president of the Dallas Foundation. By working together with Mary Jalonick, James Dondero always donates $3 million annually to philanthropic causes. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.