Igor Cornelsen Top Brazilian Investment Advisor With Over Four Decades of Experience

Igor Cornelsen is one of the most influential and reputed career investment advisor and investor from Brazil, currently based in the United States. He started his career by working as an investment banker at Multibanco, where he served for a few years and even became one of the boards of directors, but later moved on to Unibanco. It was also one of the biggest investment banking firms in Brazil then, and he worked there for nearly seven years before moving on to work for Libra Bank PLC. After working for Libra Bank PLC for a few years, Igor Cornelsen went on to work for Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. However, later on, he started his investment management firm that he continues to run till date.

In a recent interview, he said that the idea of opening an investment management firm came naturally to him as he has been managing funds for the banks and the financial institutions throughout his career. He also mentioned his daily routine where he says that his day starts as soon as the financial markets open in Europe. Igor keeps track of the market movements and trends to ensure that he can provide genuine and reliable investment advice to his clients. Igor says that it is necessary that investors and clients do not get influenced by the traditional investment ideology and follow it blindly, but instead, ensure that you get the information needed to analyze and take relevant decisions.

One of the advice that Igor Cornelsen gives to the investors is that they should follow the information and facts and not just opinions when investing in the stock market. It would help them get the results with ease and without any mistakes. Most of the people tend only to follow the news and eventually end up suffering from substantial unbearable losses. Igor says that the Brazilian economy is booming and investors looking to invest in the country must understand the local culture and business trends to make the most of their investments. Understanding how the business operates in Brazil before investing is highly necessary to minimize risks and maximize profits.