How Peter Briger Contributed to the Growth of Fortress Investment Group

Although it may take hard work to hatch your career as a finance executive, finding a mentor in the industry will be helpful. While at it, you will learn that networking is a central pillar in growing your career since entrepreneurial relationships precede businesses. Simply put, you need a solid business relationship to be able to make the right decisions that will strengthen your empire. For successful professionals in the industry, having a strong network is required to grow your currency. Peter Briger is one such professional who has successfully crafted his career in the industry of finance.

A Look into his Career

Peter Briger is a successful finance executive. He is also elite in the Forbes list. Currently serving as the head of Fortress Investment Group, Briger has helped the company transition into one of the leading financial services providers. Initially, Briger served as a partner at Goldman and Sachs. He is highly revered for assisting Fortress Investment Group to become a publically traded company. Having joined the firm in 2002, Peter Briger has shaped his career around finance. To know more about him click here.


Currently, Briger is the head of credit funds department at Fortress Group Investment. He is also in charge of illiquid investments as well as distressed debt. For education, Briger attended the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University for a course in business management. His career took off when he became a contributor at Goldman Sachs. In his tenure, he served as the head of general operations where he oversaw management besides leadership.


After practicing at Goldman and Sachs for a few years, Briger joined Fortress Investment Group. He has since helped the firm to scale different heights in the sector. Today, Fortress is known to cater for institutional investors. Briger is acquainted with the different managerial roles of the firm. He enjoys serving as the head of distressed financial instruments.

The Acquisition

Recently, Fortress Investment Group was acquired by Softbank Group. Fortress and its team moved to Softbank Group. So far the management has not changed. The three principals will continue to be the head cheer leaders. Peter Briger has also maintained his position.