How Doe Deere Started her Lime Crime Brand

Doe Deere is a common figure in the beauty department. Deere is a Russia native who came into the US when she was a very young girl. Her parents settled in New York City, and this is where Doe Deere took an opportunity to study fashion design. Later on after completing her studies, the businesswoman decided to start a company called Lime Crime Cosmetics. At the moment, Doe Deere is serving the institution as the chief executive officer. As the founder of the large beauty company, Doe Deere is focusing on setting the pace for other companies that are in the world of beauty. The online company has only been in the market for a decade, but it has acquired a lot of popularity because of the kind of leadership it is getting from Deere. Today, the businesswoman is operating her company from Los Angeles, and she is focusing on creating the kind of cosmetics most companies are scared are producing.


Doe Deere and her Lime Crime brand specialize in the production of bold, cruelty free products that are bold and vegan. Customers who love the colors on their bodies are excited about the kind of services they have been getting from Doe Deere and her company. Deere is one of the few women who have invested heavily in online entrepreneurship, and she is performing so well. Most of her successful products are loose pigments, nail polish, liquid liners, palettes and glittery lip gloss. Customers love the products from this successful brand because they are not too harsh on the skin, and they do not cause any harm. The products have been accepted in other nations too.


In an interview that was published not long ago, the successful career woman says that she got into this business a decade ago when she has started a clothing brand. After completing her studies specializing in fashion design, Doe Deere was ready to put her skills in action, and she started making the designs her customers needed. When modeling for the products, the businesswoman realized that there were very few make-up products that could match the colors she was interested in. The outfits were very beautiful, and they would only be complimented by bright colors. Companies in the United States were scared of making these colors for customers. Doe Deere was brave enough to introduce a service that was not available from other organizations.


When Deere was growing up as a little girl, she was in love with makeup and fairy tales. When the opportunity presented itself several years ago, Doe Deere was ready to make her dreams of childhood come true. The mild makeup was going to offer the services she has always been looking for. Online businesses can be so competitive in the complicated market, but Deere has been performing well because she has the courage to take on any complex challenges that come her way. Deere is a role model to so many investors who want to excel in making investments in the modern platform.


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