Hope for the Future of Technology

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, who has a passion for technology and philanthropy. He lives in Arizona, where he has begun working in politics, concerning business and technology. Among his many accomplishments, he is an author, a creator of a mobile communications company and as an investor in numerous biotechnology companies.

Jason Hope is a “skilled futurist”. A “skilled futurist”, is someone who researches and predicts the future of technology. Mr. Hope is very knowledgeable and has written many articles about the “Internet of Things (IOT)”, which discusses what we experience in the world of technology and how it relates to each other. Specifically, how technology allows other devices to sync with each other. He has written an e-book called “Understanding the Internet Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in The Internet of Things”. This book gives us a clearer understanding of how the world of the Internet impacts our lives.

As an investor, Mr. Hope works with companies to help individuals and businesses use technology in ways to increase the success of their business and build their financial futures. Jason Hope is also a dedicated philanthropist. He has worked diligently with organizations that research cures for Alzheimer’s and Dementia and seeks to find solutions to stopping or slowing down the aging process. He is also a contributor to many charitable organizations, specifically the “SENS Foundation Research of Rejuvenation Bio-Technologies”, which researches into fighting age-related diseases. Not only by dedicating the funds to these organizations, but he also invests his time and his knowledge into ways to help the charitable organizations succeed and help more people and society.

First and foremost, Jason Hope is a successful businessman in the field of technology and research and he uses this wonderful expertise and commitment to help improve his community in all facets a life. His passionate belief in technology will set forth a future that will benefit everyone.