Guilherme Paulus, a successful Brazilian entrepreneur

Guilherme Paulus is a distinguished entrepreneur from Brazil. He is the co-founder of the largest tour operator in Latin America known as CVC. Through his work as the leader of this company, Mr. Paulus has won the entrepreneur of the year award. CVC was started in 1972 by Paulus together with his friend Carlos Vicente. At this time, he was only 24 years old.

Guilherme Paulus is a former employee of IBM. He joined this tech company immediately after leaving college. While working with this company, he developed a sound reputation in the international business. It is through this experience that he has managed to help his company achieve global recognition. Paulus has been successful because his entrepreneurial drive is aimed at serving members of the community.

CVC was started in Sao Paulo, the birthplace of Guilherme Paulus. After the company developed into a multi-billion dollar business, he sold a portion of it to an American company known as Carlyle Group. In 2013, this company was listed as a publicly traded company. Today, CVC records an average annual revenue of $5 billion, and the rates are increasing by the year. To expand the business, Mr. Paulus is establishing 100 stores every year. He has made sure that his company has a presence in almost every shopping mall in Brazil. In recent times, he has been opening stores in less populated areas to attract new clientele.

Guilherme Paulus is a humble philanthropist. He loves engaging in social accountability activities that aim at promoting the lives of members of the community. His company has engaged in various initiatives that support the growth of the education and health sectors. He’s also supporting a project that aims at offering tourism students hands-on experience in the tourism sector.

CVC has partnered with thousands of other business players in the tourism sector to boost its productivity. The company has created thousands of jobs for the local community as well as helping the founder win prestigious awards both locally and internationally. Paulus, who studied business administration in college has shown that everyone can make it as long as they have the passion and dedication to a cause they are pursuing. Guilherme Paulus has now expanded his business empire to include a hotel network known as GJP Hotels and Resorts. Currently, the hotel network is comprised of 19 hotels and resorts.

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