Gregory Aziz Says Success Needs Continues Improvement


1Gregory Aziz is someone who thinks that success needs continuous improvement and it does not come by luck or some other factor apart from hard work. The Chairman of the railcar firm, National Steel Car, followed his thoughts from childhood and created history in railcar industry. He thinks that people should be ready to challenge themselves, and raise the bar of performance often. Greg James Aziz says that it is the way to create value, reputation, and success together – something that helped him to make the same. He confirms that he keeps true to the core values of the firm and showcases a clear sense of purpose.


Greg Aziz understood that National Steel Car is trusted by its customers in providing the best quality railcars with delivery performance on-time. He admits that the support of the customers helped him to innovate and deliver highest quality products from the firm’s production line. Aziz also thinks that their support also enabled him to become the innovator in the industry as they are demanding for improved safety features and other added options. Gregory James Aziz understood the importance of next-generation safety measures for the railcar sector and voted for stronger and safer freight cars for transporting chemicals and all sorts of inflammable liquids, including oil products. Since 2014, National Steel Car recruited more than 900 engineers into its line of workers to improve the safety efforts and engineering.


Greg started leading the firm since he acquired National Steel Car in the year 1994. It should be noted that the company has more than 100 years of experience in railcar production and engineering. Aziz identified the capabilities of the firm, including its highly skilled workforce, engineering excellence, and more, and decided to bring back the golden days of the company. His efforts paid well, and the production capacity of the firm has grown more than three times within the next five years. Also, the headcount of the company increased five times during the same period. Read More On This Page.



The efforts of Greg also paid well with industrial certifications on quality. It received ISO 9001:2008 certification continuously for 18 years – numerous recertification – and holds the certification even now. It is also the winner of TTX SECO quality award continuously from 1996. James Aziz started his entrepreneurial ventures immediately after completing graduation from the University of Western Ontario. He began with Affiliated Foods – a wholesale food business company owned by his family – and helped it to expand both supply network and sales coverage. He also briefly worked with some investment banks based in New York before acquiring the freight car major.