Gregory Aziz Lives To See His Dream Come True

There is nothing that contributes to the wellbeing of a company than the determination and goodwill of the CEO. This is why the National Steel Car is the leading tank and railroad car company. Greg Aziz had a dream of seeing this happen. This never happened in a fortnight though. It took a lot of sacrifices and hard work put together.


After schooling, James Aziz joined his family business – Affiliate Foods. That was back in 1971.He worked with the company, and during this time, the company’s sales improved. In 16 years’ time, the company was the biggest food importer and exporter. However, Gregory Aziz moved out and went in search of a bank facility job.


It was in 1994 that he finally began pursuing his dream. He purchased his first National Steel Car. This was not an easy task. The company was not in good shape at this time. It was only through hard work and great strategies that the company would revive.


Gregory J Aziz had what it takes. He had the determination and willingness to work. However, he needed the same spirit with the employees if the company was going to be a success. He transferred his team work and cooperative spirit to his workers.


The hard work that the National Steel Car put in was finally becoming visible to the people. The employment posts rose to 3500 from the usual 500.This was after the company’s annual output of railcars rose to 12000 from the initial 3500.


This was not good news to the National Steel Car alone. It was shared with the community around as well. The employment posts were a big boost. This is because unemployment is a global problem.


For the 23 years that Greg Aziz has been the chief executive officer of the National Steel Car, the only thing that the residents have had is a good time. They are keen to see the improved living standards. This is a result of the many opportunities and ventures that the community has. The big team has brought a lot of market niche. View More Information Here.


Bottom Line

The bottom line is the National Steel Car is the leading tank and railcar biggest manufacturer in North America.23 years ago this was just a dream Gregory Aziz had. It was through hard work, persistence, and determination that he lived to see this idea come to reality.

The success of the National Steel Car is the success to the residents.

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