Gregory Aziz: Commitment to Quality, Care for Nature

Gregory Aziz, CEO of National Industries Inc, is known for his integrity towards quality and care for nature in all his all his management decisions and strategies. The Chairman of National Steel Car, the largest and most innovative railcar maker in the North America continent, cannot think apart from the strategies and principles that helped him to grow the firm as the leader of the industry. He welcomed the decision to adopt harmonized regulations for the railcar industry of North America, recently. Greg James Aziz thinks that next generation safety requirements in the railcar sector should be adopted considering the transportation of chemicals, crude oil, and other inflammable liquids.


Interestingly, Gregory J Aziz led the efforts of National Steel Car towards the next generation goals in terms of safety and quality. From 2014, the premier railcar maker hired nearly 1,000 professionals and expanded the plant capacity with new and advanced equipment. With that, National Steel Car could improve significantly in terms of safety, productivity, and quality. Additionally, it also helped the firm to ensure better environmental footprint for the continent. Aziz thinks that an industry leader should always exemplify with innovation and should be the pioneer in the industry. He understands that when he innovates National Steel Car, it also improves the industry as a whole.


Interestingly, James Aziz took over the National Steel Car – the firm has more than 100 years of expertise in shaping railcar industry – in 1994 with a mission to make it as the leader in railcar manufacturing industry. He was sure of its engineering capabilities and team-building efforts, and he bet on its investments in capital and human resources. The company started producing excellent returns, and within five years, its manufacturing capability expanded to nearly four times. Additionally, the firm achieved the highest quality parameters in the industry under the leadership of Aziz. The company got ISO 9001:2008 certification – the only company in the industry with the elite quality certification – and got recertified multiple times during the last 18 years.


Gregory J Aziz started his business ventures, after completing his graduation from the University of Western Ontario. Initially, he joined his family food business called Affiliated Foods and helped them to expand its sales network across North America. Additionally, he made inventory network across the globe and imported fresh foods from South America, Europe, and Central America. In the early 1990s, Greg worked with Wall Street-based investments banks in New York City. Greg is also credited with leading National Steel Car to many philanthropic and community support initiatives.

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