Gregory Aziz Bringing National Steel Car Back into Action

National Steel Car was started up the city of Hamilton in 1912. The company was established by a few investors, and the leader of National Steel Car was Sir John Gibson.

The company of national steel car the stressful in the first few years of its operation and it even exceeded the expectations of its investors. National Steel Car has been working business of rolling stock, serving clients Canada states of America. The company climbed quickly to the top of their line of work and remained among the leaders in the industry for the first five years.

Up to date, the business of National Steel Car is the largest company working in the industry of manufacturing of rolling stock in Canada. The company is pushing 105 years since it had been conceived and with such a long life comes some rich history of ups and downs. National Steel Car has also had its fair share of downs in its lifetime.


At first, the business of the National Steel Car was booming. The company achieved streamlined growth and success to the point of leadership in its line of work. Initially, the first freight cars were producing using wood and steel. After the first products were released to the public eye, investors noticed the immense potential of the new company. They started investing copious amount of money which sped up the success of the National Steel Car. Two years later, the company had employed more than 1 500 people to manage to deliver products and keep up with the vast number of orders. Refer to This Site.


This prosperous period in the company’s history continued up until the Great Depression when the business started to slow down significantly. The production of freight cars was no longer as needed as it used to be and National Steel Car was starting to experience some major difficulties in their daily business. As the order began diminishing, National Steel Car figured it should start accepting orders for other machines to manufacture. That is why the company managed to survive, and the business was able o stay above the water.


Fast Forward to present time, Gregory James Aziz is on top of the company. Greg Aziz brought National Steel Car back to its former glory and helped the business thrive again. Not only that but Gregory J Aziz also added philanthropy to the company. National Steel Car started supporting the community far more, and that contributed to the strength of the business.


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