Gregory Aziz And His Leadership Skills

Greg Aziz is serving as the President, Chairman, and CEO of National Steel Car. This is a company that has earned a reputation for itself by manufacturing quality products.

This is a company that is nearly 100 years old. In fact, many people thought that the company had reached the end of its days. Hence, they were surprised to note that James Aziz wanted to buy National Steel Car. But he proved all of them wrong.


Gregory Aziz always wanted the company to continue its legacy. Rather, he wanted it to be known globally. And this is exactly what he achieved. Today, National Steel Car is the largest railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. Besides, it is the only ISO certified company in this industry in North America.


All this has been a result of the vision of its Chairman, Greg Aziz. He knew the strengths of the company when he took over as its President. He was well-aware that the company was known for its quality products. The reason why its customers came back, again and again, was because they knew that the company will provide them quality products, each time. This is because the company is a firm believer in innovation.


Greg James Aziz always knew that he had to invest in resources in order to take the company to where he wanted it to. This is why he invested in technology. He realized that the company was making use of outdated technology. This was not being used by anyone else anywhere. Hence, James Aziz invested in equipment that was making use of the latest technology. In this way, National Steel Car today manufactures 12000 railroad freight cars annually. This number was 3000 earlier.

Greg Aziz knew that he cannot achieve anything alone. He needed his team. Hence, he invested in skilling them. Besides, he started hiring people who were already skilled. With enhanced production, the number of employees rose from 600 to 3000. In this way, he has also created employment opportunities for the community.

He is a person with a vision. Besides, he believes in hard work and dedication. This is why he has always excelled in whatever business he puts his hand in. He has worked in the banking industry as well as the wholesale food industry. He is making use of all his acquired knowledge and skills in this new assignment as CEO of National Steel Car.


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