Greg Aziz: A Successful Entrepreneur

Who is Greg Aziz? Greg James Aziz is one of the notable figures in the engineering and manufacturing industry in the United States. He is the President, CEO, and chairman of the biggest railroad freights car manufacturer in Northern America, National Steel Car. National steel car factories are located in Hamilton Canada.


Greg Aziz decided to use engineering and technology to change the status of the company. However, in the engineering sector, you have to be very innovative and stay updated on the recent and upcoming innovations in the industry the industry is dynamic and keeps on changing. A firm that wants to be a global leader in the engineering industry must be very serious with its operations. It is not an area you would maintain for a long time without the necessary leadership, team, and passion for succeeding. Wise investors in the sector always keep revising their strategies to always remain on top. Engineering companies survive on their ability to be innovative and able to embrace technological advancements.


National Steel Car as a leader in the engineering and manufacturing industry must be doing very well to maintain its reputation in the industry. One thing to note though is that the company though started over 100 years ago has only been able to hit the market aggressively lately after it was purchased by Greg J Aziz. Greg bought the company from Dofasco who had been unable to keep up with the trend in the industry.


Greg Aziz being an economist with a sharp eye for business opportunities, saw a great potential in the company, only if the company was put in the hands of a dedicated leadership. Knowing that he was indeed very talented in business management, Greg bought the company and engaged the journey for its transformation. He invested time, capital and human resource into the company. He looked at all the areas that needed improvements and embarked on a massive reconstruction of the company. Get More Info Here.


In five years, National Steel Car was not the company everyone knew. The company was on a new level of growth. The productivity of the company had hit the ceiling all thanks to the input and business decisions of one, Greg Aziz.


National Steel Car was producing about 12000 freight cars every year down from 3500. As a result of the growth, recorded, he employed more people into the company to help him manage the operations of the company. His efforts and dedication to the success of the company have finally paid off.