Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker

Infinity Group Australia came into being in 2013. This was after the founder Graeme Holm could not stand the injustice that the everyday Australian was facing. He had worked for over 17 years in the financial field, and so he had the right experience in the market. Graeme claims that the government, as well as other financial institutions, were not treating the Australian families in a right way. He had to find a means of helping his fellow countrymen, and that is when he came up with the company Infinity Group Australia alongside his partner Rebecca Walker.

The goal behind Infinity group Australia was to help Australian famines get out of the financial burdens. For instance, the company aimed to help people to clear up their loan as soon as possible. Moreover, the company would guide them regarding how to acquire wealth and manage it for future use. Presently, the company is the leading firm in offering debt reduction services as well as how to manage finances. Infinity Group Australia has offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Bella Vista, Cronulla, and Port Macquarie. The services that the company offers include debt reduction, financial management and others. Graeme came up with this company after studying the mortgage industry. His results indicated that some gaps existed and needed to be filled. Some of the issues that he felt needed to be addressed almost immediately were that the families were not getting constant support and advice. In addition to this, he felt these families need guidance as well. Infinity Group Australia reviews the challenges that regular Australian faces and offering them the solutions that they want. He decided that he will help them but letting them know how to make their wealth and controlling their expenditures. The company offers its clients with updated statements monthly about how they are performing financially.

Australian Financial Review usually conducts an event that takes place every year. This event has been around for seven years. The event recognizes companies that are employing innovative measures to bring about the solutions that the world wants. In this occasion, Infinity Group Australia was named the 58th one among the many organizations that were chosen. Other things that are considered during ranking involve strategy, processes, resources and innovation culture. Moreover, the panelists assess the solution that an organization produces and how it is affecting the real world. The judges who are responsible for the ranking included Inventiun as well as other panelists. Inventium is the first innovation consultancy firm in Australia. Learn more: