Gareth Henry Leads from One Strength to the Next in the World of Finance

Gareth Henry is a Scottish businessman who works in the financial industry. He attended the University of Edinburgh and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in actuarial mathematics. Upon graduating in 2000 he joined Schroders which is a multinational investment firm. In September 2005 he was promoted to a director position and stayed in this role for almost two years.

In July 2007, Gareth Henry joined the London office of an American alternative assets management firm, Fortress Investment Group. He was hired on as the head of international investor relations. He worked with investors across Europe as well as in the Middle East. After six and a half years he moved to this firm’s New York City headquarters and became the global head of investor relations.

He now works for another New York investment firm, Angelo, Gordon & Co. Gareth Henry started working for this company in January 2016 and is their global head of investor relations. Among his responsibilities at this company is managing their wealth and pension funds. He also oversees their global insurance relations as well as sales and marketing efforts.

He says that mathematics and finance are related in many ways with one another. Once he started to get a grasp on economics and risk management early in his professional career he became really hooked to it. Gareth Henry says that he enjoys talking about investing with his clients as well as colleagues and even complete strangers. Most people who majored in mathematics aren’t this way, he says, but it enabled him to build a career involving raising capital and working on investor relations.

Most of his day is taken up in phone calls and live meetings. Gareth Henry says that in order to best meet the needs of his clients he learns in exacting detail about their needs and that of the organization they work for. He says that he makes at least eight to ten calls on any given day and his goal is to have 1,00 meeting each year. He starts the workday at 7 am by making calls to people in Asia and Europe and then starts having meetings for most of the rest of the day.