Fortress Investment Group – An Asset to Investors Worldwide

No other company sets an example better than the Fortress Investment Group LLC as an investment management company. The company has charted exceptional growth against all such similar companies in just a span of two decades. The speed and the success trail which the company showcased ever since its inception in 1998 to appear on the New York Stock Exchange as the first large-scale private equity form is almost unbelievable. The specialty of the FortressInvestment Group is investing and operating on extremely high-risk conditions to generate higher revenues for both itself and its clients. Fortress Investment Group was founded by three finance experts, Wes Edens and Randal Nardone hail from New York and Peter Briger were from San Francisco. The company’s first investment was launched in 1999, and it never stopped from there. The company predominantly deals with asset investments, operations, and capital markets. Its tools are one of the most robust tools seen in the financial industry. It is because of the tools that the company can make a profit of maximum value from all its complicated investments.

The Fortress Investment Group later forayed into debt securities and hedge funds. It even started investing in real estate of the New York and the Toronto markets. The company made exceptional progress in 2007. In 2015, the company was touted to be managing assets worth $72 billion. The company caters both to the institutional clients and the private investors. The treatment and the service provided to its clients by the company is an example for everyone. The Fortress Investment Group set by three legends was expanded to five legends in 2006. The move resulted in the company first acquiring the Canadian Company Intrawest which is the largest ski operator in North America. The group later purchased two more companies to make the expansion of the company, a sizeable one and make it count amongst the bigger organizations.

The company is headquartered in New York but has expanded to open its offices in San Francisco, Singapore, and Asia. In 2014, it won the award of the best management firm of the year. It has several other awards under its belt. Thanks to its above-quality employees; the Fortress Investment Group’s social media presence is also formidable. The company boasts of several employees with sector-specific knowledge that proves crucial on the global perspective. Thanks to its visionary entrepreneurs, the company is on the way to set new milestones.

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